National Recognition Policy


Under recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s, a registered training organisation (RTO) must accept the credentials issued by another RTO based in any State/Territory in Australia.


Recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s is the acceptance by one RTO of a qualification or Statement of Attainment issued to a student by a different RTO. This acceptance is usually for the purpose of entry into a qualification where another qualification or certain Statements of Attainments are a prerequisite to entry, or for part completion of a qualification based on Statements of Attainment for the units/modules already held by the student. It is mandatory that RTO’s accept the qualifications and Statement of Attainments issued by other RTO’s.

Recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s does not require an RTO to recognise the Qualifications/Statement of Attainments issued by another RTO for any purposes other than training with that RTO, such as licensing or employment arrangements, e.g. industrial award classifications.

Recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s does have a limited lifespan. If the Qualification/Statement of Attainment is currently listed on National Training Information Service (NTIS) and is still a component of a qualification that the student wishes to undertake, recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s must be given. If the Qualification/Statement of Attainment held by the student has been superseded and is no longer on NTIS or is not the version required by the qualification into which the student wished to enrol, recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s does not apply. In such situations, recognition of prior learning would be the appropriate way to proceed.

Policies And Procedures

As part of the induction process students will be introduced to the Policies and Procedures listed below. Copies of these will be available in the Sydney College of Skin Care International Course Guide and/or International Student enrolment form. Copies of these will also be available on request. These documents include but are not limited to :
Marketing Policy
Course Credit Policy
Language Proficiency Policy
Refund Policy
Critical Incident Policy
Transfer Between Registered Providers Policy/Procedure
Complaints and Appeals Policy/Procedure
Academic Appeals Policy
Study Completion Policy/Procedure
Course Progress Policy
Attendance Policy

Policies and procedures regarding International students can be found in the International students Handbook.

For International Students theSydney College Of Skin Care’s ( SCSC ) International Agents are trained to provide you with information about SCSC and its courses and will help you to find the answers to all your questions.

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